About the Tribe

The Waxicle is currently a collective blog authored by four savory sweeties.

But seriously, we're four besties who started a tribe when we were in high school and now we're pitching in to bring you varied blog posts for the modern lady. (There are actually five of us in the tribe, but our fifth part spends less time on a computer than most of our grandmothers and we admire her for it. Very much.)

Four out of the five of us live in Utah and one of us was serendipitously transplanted to Illinois.

About The Sisters Indivdually:

Coming soon...

Andrea is a stay-at-home mom who loves her little boy. He has recently switched to napping only once per day and so her time for blogging, drawing her webcomic, doing art commissions, playing video games, and learning to crochet has become scarce, but she makes do.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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