Friday, March 1, 2013

Project: Make-up

So I thought I would share with you guys something I'm working on. I call it "Project Get Hotter."

Yes, that's right. My goal is to get hotter.

I work from home, and with this severely cold and snowy winter there are many days that I have not even left the house. I'm an extrovert, so that can be very hard on me emotionally. Especially when I spend that time lounging in a baggy t-shirt, leggings and no bra all day, every day. So Project Get Hotter is mainly to boost my self esteem and have more good energy. I've already snagged a man, so this is all about me feeling good.

The first way I plan on getting hotter is to better learn what make-up works for me, and how to apply it. Oh yeah, and actually put it on.

I found an awesome beauty blog via pinterest called Maskcara that most of you have probably already seen. I sat down and read it (almost) all the way to the beginning. I'll share two of my favorite posts with you.

How to Highlight and Contour:

If you are going to look at any of these, look at this one, such helpful tips. She really teaches you how to make your best face features stand out.

DIY Eyeshadow Primer.

I've never bothered to use a primer. I tried this tutorial and it really worked!

Since I am at my desk at least 40 hours a week I usually can only see my hands. So I have been giving myself nice manicures, and trying to keep them looking nice. Or just not half chipped. It is a nice little reminder through the day that I am feminine, and I can put some effort into looking nice.

This is my current shade:
I have also been depressed by my blue veins showing though my white skin. I have no problem being fair skinned, but it has to stop when I start to look blue. So I went tanning for the first time in my life, and dang! I look great! I don't plan on making it a habit, because I don't think it's very healthy when you go often. But every once and a while in the dead of winter can't hurt right? Added bonus: light therapy! Very helpful for getting out of the winter blues.

Can someone please explain to me the whole tanning lotion thing, and why it is so expensive? Isn't there some Banana Boat version or something?

I'll share more of my ways to Get Hotter soon!

Luv Steph


  1. Steph, I LOVE this post. It totally hit home for me.
    And about the tanning lotion, SRSLY, why so expensive?! But I love the way it smells! (Might have to go this week.)

  2. Yes go with me! I did find a banana boat kind at K-mart (Yes I went there) that was only $8.


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