Monday, December 31, 2012

Home Harmony: Vertical Space

I used to live with my parents. I think most of us did that once. It was awesome and secure and cost me bupkis. Then I decided I wanted to be parent-free so I found my own pad. That transition was brutal. I had to figure out how to earn money and feed myself and speak different languages (my family spoke fluent Karen Carpenter, disco, and K-mart which doesn’t translate sometimes in real life). The biggest shock of my move was the cut I took to living space. Moving from larger quarters to one step up from a box requires even the least creative among us to pick up some tricks. Whether you’re in a humble this-half-of-the-room-is-mine or in a spacious 600 square footer there are things you can do to find harmony in your wigwam.

Tip #uno (wotd!!!*): make use of your vertical space. If you have walls in your home then this tip is for you! Behold the beautiful uses people made of their walls:

These demos are pretty simple to pull off!  All you need are some baskets, magazine files, this doo-hicky, and a shelf track kit (option 2 here).

More to tips to come!

*wotd (Word of the Day!!!) – “uno”
Pronunciación aproximada: OO-no
Significado: one, a, an
Aviso: The feminine form is una

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  1. This post is way too good. I'm really digging your writing style.

    I've recently discovered the value of vertical space not only because my entire house is a whopping 950 sq ft, but also because it has been an invaluable safety solution since my son reached toddlerhood. (Both for our stuff and him.) Ikea has become my go-to.


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