Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Inside the house

This month I want to share with you some of my favorite interiors, and why I like them. I started loving interior design several years ago. I haven't been able to stop searching magazines and ideas for home decor. 

Week 1:

There are many reasons why I love this living room, and chose it for my first interior to share with you. This room is not only inspiring to me, it could be an achievable look with the right vintage finds. It is also a great foundational layout for any spacious room and beginning designer. It is pretty clear that the style of the pieces may not appeal to everyone, but just imagine switching out the painting or "coffee table" for something that appeals more to you.

Ideas on how to achieve this look:

The make-shift coffee table/ trunk is definitely something I've seen at a great aunt's house before (you probably have too.) Snatch it up if you can! Or thrift it! I'm sure you could find a bold-color couch from the  70's that is still in good shape. (Ok, maybe not that good.) The pillows are clearly DIY-able with a trip to the brocade bargain bins. mirrored furniture is a weakness of mine, and the side tables are no exception. I've seen similar pieces at places like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They aren't exactly the cheapest things around. You could splurge, or compromise with glass top side tables. The pair of lamps are pretty find-able and thrift-able  and you can create the same mirrored effect with this mercury glass tutorial! Now to the main event, the giant piece of Rococo-esque art. I'm sure that one of your grandparents is hiding away a piece like this in a closet somewhere. Posters are always an option too. the last piece of the puzzle is the lovely designer rug. There are lots of "paint it" rug tutorials out there, like this one. 

I'd love to hear what you lovely ladies think of this look!



  1. I also think that the pinky-salmon colored wall and the gaudy chandelier are interesting. This is a really interesting mash of some really traditional and mid century modern looking furniture/decor.

    I do love the oversized artwork, though.
    I think I would try to pull this off with a white wall and a more modern/mid century fixture to replace the chandelier but the look is cool.

  2. I have been looking at this picture for MINUTES and noticed the pinky-salmon wall only after Mrs. Hatch pointed it out. I'm cracking up that I completely missed that.

    I am an appreciator of this room. I appreciate it because of the time I put into examining it. I'll be honest, I was offended by this room at first. The boxiness, the shab, the eccentricity of color, and the patterns that I just didn't get. Then I had this moment - an intimate moment of, "oh my gosh I love this". It was sweeping and warm. I still would change the lamp shades (grey) and either add pillows or move both to one side but I feel pretty good about this as a whole.


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