Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apptastic: Any.DO

So, for the past two years, I have had a pretty archaic mobile device. Most would probably call it a cell phone, but when compared to what most phones are capable of right now, it hardly deserves that title. We're talking no camera and no picture messaging. This is a generation of cell phone that predates "flip phones". Things were pretty simple.

Well, for Christmas, we upgraded. 
A lot.

There is no denying that receiving an iPhone is pretty flippin' exciting. But it's overwhelming. I know there's a lot of things it can do for me since there are millions of apps to choose from, but where the heck do I start? I'm no iPhone pro yet, but I have found an app that I really like. 

I'm a hard core list maker. I have a shelf on the wall above my desk dedicated to new 4 x 6 index cards and the ones that I have already written all over that I "just need to hold on to". I'm an idea haver. I'm also extremely unorganized. When I got my iPhone, I immediately set out on an expedition for a free app that would allow me to keep track of my tasks and plans efficiently. I downloaded about six before I settled with Any.DO. 

First of all, this interface is the lovechild of sleek and simple.

I love the feature that allows you to actually cross tasks/events off of your list by simply swiping across it. I mean, that's completely brilliant. Seems simple, right? Well that's exactly why I like it. 
It has a variety of options for each individual task. You can add notes to each task, create a reminder/alarm, make them appear more urgent in your list, etc. Love. Love. Love.

But perhaps my favorite feature is the "Take a moment to plan your day" reminder. 
At ten o'clock every morning, my phone says, "Hey, here's what you've got planned today, let's take a look." I think it has actually helped me a few times remember things that were presently overshadowed by other huge/stresseful tasks I had planned for the day/week.

I'm pretty excited to do away with the index card shelf and now when I have an idea in the bathroom or worse, in bed, I don't have to sprint into my office to jot it down. My phone is usually nearby. :)

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  1. YES!! There's totes the Android equivalent. For joy!


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