Monday, January 7, 2013

Body Battles: WOTs

So I realize that with the start of our fab new blog we’re each trying to win our readers hearts, tickle your bones, and connect on a higher plane of transcendent unicorn bliss. I understand that this post will make you go, “Ew. Is this that blog?” But hear me out. This is important. This is about something bigger than you and I reader.

I give you: Work Out Tips!! I’m serious. Here they are:
  • Eat something a half hour before with simple carbs such as: peanut butter spread, oatmeal, or (my fav) a Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey.
  • Warm up before for 5 minutes (not stretching). You won’t be sweating (wotd*) during a warm up. For my warm up I regularly do a couple rounds on the track or hop on a treadmill – I will never jog during a warm up but definitely get my speed walk on.
  • Weights
    • Breath out on the hard part (you should release your breath as you push/pull the weight and exhale as you recover). 
    • On that thought, focus on your breathing with weights – it will make it easier AND calm you if your body starts seizing. Honestly, this is a way helpful tip. Did anyone else hear a horn toot? 
    • Pull your belly button in under your chest. You should be able to breathe normally with this action. You should be doing this on every weight exercise – even the ones where your chest is pushed up against something to stabilize these:
    • Form is more important than pushing your limits with higher weight. If you notice you are fatiguing go to a lower weight to finish your reps.
    • Do not wait longer then 30-60 seconds between each set. 
    • Form form form form. Form. Pause for drama and state resolutely ….Form. If you don’t know how to do it then you could seek out a pro’s help or tune into this lovely blog and we’ll teach you about it.
  • Stretch after your workout. Studies show that stretching after your workout prevents post-exercise muscle soreness while stretching before does nothing to prevent the discomfort. 
  • Drink a POST protein shake. Drinking it beforehand does nothing for your workout and makes you burp. Okay it makes me burp. When you drink your shake after a workout, your body can actually use the protein to restore itself.
Just by reading this post you lost those last 5 lbs. You’re welcome.

wotd*: sweating
Pronunciation: [s-wet-ting]
Meaning: 1. to perspire, especially freely or profusely.
2. To exude moisture, as greent plants piled in a heap or cheese
3. to gather moiture from the surrounding air by condensation
4. (of moisture or liquid) to ooze or be exuded
Origin: Middle English sweten, Old English swaetan, derivative of swat

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  1. Thanks for the Amazing tips! Now I know why I was burping at the gym! protein after ;)


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