Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Inside the House, Clustered Living Spaces

This week's interior just makes me say,"wow!!!!!" With five exclamation points. it comes to us from one of my favorite design sites,

My favorite way to design a home is to cluster separate living spaces around the home. This may be impractical for those of us in small homes or apartments, but when I have a larger house I am going to organize it this way in every single room.

Take a look at this floor plan I found online, here. I highlighted all the separate living, or seating areas. 

As you can see, most rooms have multiple seating areas. Giving the residents a variety of options on where to sit. I love this because it avoids redundancy.  You can have a chair for reading, a stool for eating, and a bench for putting your shoes on. 

This week's room is a great example of this idea. A lovely and loungey daybed Is the source of this new living space. You can do a clustered arrangement by adding a nice floor lamp or table. Or a combo! I love this bamboo table/ lamp. What a clever idea. How nice would it be to lay on the daybed reading a classic novel by the light of the window.  

Here is another example of a clustered living area. A bright breakfast "nook" full of mismatched chairs and a minimal table. Wow I think this is straight from my dreams. 

In my own small home I have created living spaces with single benches or chars. I love the flexibility it provides. and I just plan, love furniture. 

How have you, or can you create a variety of seating spaces in  your home?

Have a beautiful and bright day!


  1. Reading this post is better than couple’s therapy. I’m not kidding. Having a variety of good seating spaces is good for your marriage. Imagine having a comfy space to have a DTR, or a table where you can read scriptures, or a little area to lounge together, or his/her chairs when company comes over. Think of all of the incredible things we could do while we sit. This is the power of clustering.


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