Thursday, January 10, 2013

As hard as it is for me to resist the urge to fill my posts with ramblings of art, comics, video games, etc. I will keep it to a minimum. However, I cannot pass up the opportunity to share one of my absolute favorites with you.

Ladies and gents, Hemlock.
Josceline Fenton has an extraordinary talent and a very unique style. I love looking at her art as much as I enjoy reading her story. 
Hemlock is a fairy tale set in the forests of 19th century Scandinavia in the form of a webcomic that updates once a week. But fear not, there is already plenty of story online for you to enjoy if you feel up to the adventure.

She has the first three chapters available in print, too and I will definitely be hinting so to my husband for my upcoming birthday. ;)

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  1. Yes!!! Please share all of your webcomic ramblings! I seriously love this girl's art - especially her snail hut.


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