Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inside the house: Kid's room

This week I wanted to share something for the mama's. Since we have an abundance of bloggers here at the Waxcicle who are Mammas already!

This is the inspiration for today's post. I just love this funky and creative nursery. It is retro (the rug, chair, globe) and Modern at the same time (the white walls, sleek crib, and animal decor.) Unfortunately I couldn't find the source for this picture beyond my own Pinterest board, so I'm not sure how the wall came to be decorated like that. But I can still be inspired by it!

Here is a kid's room idea for a girl. Just get a circle stencil and do some work on a white wall!


  1. I love the texture/pattern variety! Slightly worried about the shelf directly above crib. I'm sure by baby number 2 I'd be singing a different tune.


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